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Device Integration

Getting video content to your TiVo®DVR, TV, iPod and other devices can be hard. CozmoTV wants to make this simple, regardless of the source or destination of that video. Getting video delivered should be as easy as selecting the location and clicking the “Record” or “Download” button.

CozmoTV will be enabling you to register multiple devices with the service. If you want to record the next ‘Desperate Housewives,’ we’ll tell your TiVo to capture it next time its broadcast. If it’s a DVD we’ll tell Amazon to send it to you. If it’s an Internet video, we’ll download it and prepare it for playback on any Internet connected device.

Now, we can’t download DVDs to your iPod, or record broadcast TV on your PC without a TV-tuner card. (We’d like to, but we’d be breaking some rules?) But we can make the process of using all of these services through one location much easier.

As new Internet connected TVs, set-top boxes, and portable devices come online we’ll keep adding them to the list of approved and supported platforms. Our goal is to be neutral as to the service you use to acquire the video and the device you use to watch the video. Let a thousand services and devices bloom!

How Easy is it to Demo NET Coz TV


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