Demo TV

CozmoTV enables you to create your own television channel. Your television channel can be about a specific topic, like spelunking, or general interest, such as a listing of all of your favorite new movies and their YouTube remixes. In these channels, you will soon be able to put any combination of television shows, DVDs, or Internet video. You can create as many channels as you would like.

Creating a CozmoTV Channel is easy. You simply title the channel, write a brief description, post a picture, and you’re done. Then, as you move around CozmoTV, you can simply add any show you would like to any channel you’ve created. You’ll soon be able to add TV Shows, DVDs, and Internet video downloads to these channels as well. Within the next several months, CozmoTV will also be releasing browser plug-ins that allow you to add shows to your channel from anywhere on the Web.

Once your channel is up and running, you can drive traffic to it to begin earning revenue from the sale of content or advertising within your channel.

What do Demo TV Cozmo, it look like?


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